1) Use of Information

K-Junction fully respects your personal information. By availing the services of K-Junction, you subject

your information and browsing behavior within the site to K-Junction’s use. For more information please

read our privacy policy.

2) Delivery Policy

I) Presently, K-Junction is operating throughout Pakistan.

II) We have every right to reject our services to anyone we please. Services may be refused

to those who have a history of refusing to pay money.

IIII) Rs 200 nationwide on collective items.

3) Return & Refund Policy

I) All returns must be placed on the spot, as the delivery is made.

II) In case the packaging or the product itself is damaged, no returns will be made.

III) Returns can be made on the grounds of unsatisfactory product quality or wrong delivery.

4) Cancellation

After making the purchase on-site and before the package arrives, you can cancel your delivery by either

calling K-Junction within business hours or simply by cancelling the order on the website.

5) Pricing Policy

Prices for all products are susceptible to changes.

6) Registration

Orders can only be placed after users register on the site. All users have to keep their personal and

delivery details updated for better communication with K-Junction. By agreeing to the terms and

conditions, the user agrees to receiving newsletters and promotional content from K-Junction.

All users, however, have the liberty to unsubscribe and stop receiving promotional

communication from K-Junction.

7) The Customer Must

I) Use K-Junction’s services for legal purposes and abide by all regulations whilst browsing

and availing the site’s services.

II) Cover the cost of all non-deliveries due to wrong information (address, phone number)

entered by the customer.

III) Provide authentic information which is open for evaluation by K-Junction. If your details

are confirmed to be falsified on purpose, your registration will be cancelled and you will

no longer be able to use our services.

IV) Perform any and all transactions whilst being fully aware and responsible.

V) Check the product description for each item that they purchase. Double-check the

specifications of exactly what you are ordering.

VI) Not create or store copies of copyrighted materials without K-Junction’s permission.