K-Junction and You

There is nothing more valuable to K-Junction than the privacy of our customers. Our privacy policy lists

all that you need to know regarding the safe handling of your information on our site. If you are a

customer or merely a visitor, we recommend you to check out our privacy policy. By using K-Junction’s

services, you agree to the use of your data by K-Junction in a legal method which is mentioned in this



Information we collect

Ordering from K-Junction requires users to register. The registration process collects personal

information such as: First and last name, email address, phone number, residential address, postal code

and demographic details (age, gender, occupation etc.) We also collect data on your interactions within

the site. These include which pages you visit within the site, the amount of time you spend there, the

links you click within the site and any such browsing information.


How we access your information

All personal information we collect, which is through a registration process, is strictly voluntary. There

will often be external links on various pages within the website. These links are present for reference or

contextual purposes. K-Junction is not responsible for the privacy policies or content of the websites

where these links originate from.

We use Google Analytics and Webmaster to collect data on how users surf the K-Junction website. This

also helps us serve you ads based on previous visits on the website.


How we use your information

All personal information collected by K-Junction is merely for transaction and shipment purposes. Your

information will neither be rented nor sold to third parties (advertisers).


The Right to Change

K-Junction reserves the right to alter and update this policy at any given time.